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SAUDIA in the 70s: Airline celebrates firsts and the new

Apr 17 • Travel and Tourism, Saudi arabia • VIEWS:176 • 0

Saudi arabia

The 1970s saw SAUDIA (Saudi Arabian Airlines) ticking off new events all throughout the decade, beginning with a new Data Processing Center in 1971, along with a new route to Rome from Jeddah. It was also in this year that the airline began its first nonstop all-cargo service between the Kingdom and Europe. Rounding at the year, the first branch of a new modern runway was opened by SAUDIA in Tabuk.

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Express Pakistan Pavilion’ to debut at 12th International Property Show 2016 from 11 – 13 April 2016

Feb 23 • LIFE, urban • VIEWS:206 • 0


Pakistani investments in Dubai real estate stands at AED 30.64 billion in five years

Pakistani investments in the UAE property sector increases remittance transfers to Pakistan

USD 1.67 billion remittances by Pakistani expatriates in Dubai to their home country

Targeting Pakistani expats living in Gulf, Express Media Group and MassComm Solutions will jointly introduce new national pavilion

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All night a wide-awake watch was kept by all the officers, forward and aft2v27

Feb 23 • LIFE, urban • VIEWS:214 • 0


Image Credits: Thomas Leuthard, Eflon & Ryan Johnson. I see nothing here, but a round thing made of gold, and whoever raises a certain whale, this round thing belongs to him. So, what's all this staring been about? It is worth sixteen dollars, that's true; and at two cents the cigar, that's nine hundred and sixty cigars. I won't smoke dirty pipes like Stubb, but I like cigars, and here's nine hundred and sixty of them; so here goes Flask aloft to spy 'em out.

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